Secrets to communicating with confidence

We have all been in a situation where we are nervous, in fact I don’t know anyone who has ever rolled through life without being nervous at one time or another. The secret to having a successful interview or conducting a successful presentation is all about confidence and the good news is we can communicate confidence even on the days when we may be feeling over whelm or even terrified. Many of you will have heard the saying, “fake it until you make it”and here I am going to outline a number of tools that can really help you to do that if necessary and communicate with confidence


Knowledge is king (or queen) in every discussion, debate or presentation. When we have knowledge we have power and that is a fact. When you know the topic you’re discussing inside out, then you feel at home in the discussion and will naturally communicate with those around you. When you are knowledgeable, you are enabled to be passionate and that also adds to communicating confidence.


Preparation is often under estimated. When we prepare for something we are fully informed, we become more at ease and ready for what is ahead. It eliminates the element of surprise and allows us to feel like we have done our homework, thus making us confident and happier in the lead up to any event. We cannot predict everything that will happen for sure but if we take control of all of the controllable elements of the event or situation then we will immediately feel more confident


For me dressing for success is very important. I strongly believe in the saying that all women should get up and dress up every day. I believe in power dressing, wearing my coat of armour. For some people this might not mean anything but for me I know if I look good I will feel good and feeling good makes me more confident. This doesn’t mean you have to wear a pair of heels to the office every day or indeed to any event or environment, but I always feel the benefit if I have invested in my appearance.  It isone less thing to worry about. As a working mum it can be hard to make time to invest in myself so I tend to start my day at about 6am. It means I can have a shower in peace and get myself ready without any interruptions. I work from home a lot and that can be a dangerous situation as much as a convenient one. Very quickly I can lose my mojo in terms ofmaking an effort with my appearance so my routine is my ritual and generally by midday I am delighted to have everything under control


You are the only person who can ever be you! And that my friend is a privilege. We are all originals, with our own beliefs and views. With this in mind it is important to always act with integrity and respect who you are and what you are about. As a rule your gut instinct will tell you if something is right or wrong for you


I cannot tell you how important it is to act with simple grace and social awareness. For me this is paramount at any meeting and is something I watch when meeting with anyone new or for the first time.  Perhaps I am an old fashioned girl but people enjoy being cared for or thought of. We only get one chance to make a first impression when you meet with new people it is always important to introduce yourself, shake their hand and let them see your personality.This is almost like your secret weapon. We all react very well to genuine and caring people. At the end of the day we are human and we will be drawn to people who demonstrate emotional intelligence


Practice sitting in front of the mirror, look at how you behave. Ask yourself if this the way you want to be seen and if this is the impression you want to create

Practice what it is you’representing and record yourself. Write out the points you want to cover in your interview and practice them. There are a number of points you may wish to get across at interview such as your ability to communicate and lead or your ability to motivate and inspire. Think about the language you want to use and if it is positive and affirming. No matter what you are doing practice makes perfect and in turn will make you feel more confident

You might even record yourself practicing answers to some questions or doing your elevator pitch. Find what works best for you and put in the practice

I guarantee you will be feeling far more confident and ready for your next meeting , interview or presentation.


Have a  great day ladies and please feel free to add comments below

Dale x