Why you are not getting hired?


Every day I hear very negative stories about people desperately trying to get back to work or trying to explore new opportunities and very often their story ends on a very negative note. They feel disillusioned and let down by the entire process as no one is getting back to them, they are sending out lots CVs and no one is acknowledging them and so it becomes a vicious circle with little or no success

It can be a very demoralising exercise and it’s clear that something isn’t working if no one is getting back to you.  Quite recently I wrote a piece about working with recruitment agencies and gave some insight as to what was required if you are using this method to secure employment. I received a lot of feedback from many people who felt they were sending their details into cyber space and never heard a thing once the application was sent in

I get it. It’s tough! In fact it is more than that. We take it personally. We feel that no one is listening and we cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel but ask yourself if you are doing as much as you can to get hired. A recruiter can of course help you, but are you helping yourself?

Check out this list of mistakes you might possibly be making and see if you can identify with any of them. This will be a great place to start and we can work from there!


Have you had your CV professionally written?

If not why not?

It really pays to get professional advice or to at least check in with a reputable site where you can be sure the format you’re using is correct and you presented yourself on paper in the best possible way

Are you sure there are no typos and all of your contact details are correct?

Every day I receive CVs with the wrong contact details on them or indeed with none at all. Please ensure you’ve got this right and ensure you offer them every opportunity to be able to contact you

Is your CV factually correct?

It can be difficult to be clear on dates that go back a long way but more often than not you will have something like an old CV to refer to. Please only use old CVs as a reference for dates. Don’t try to rehash the document as it really won’t do you any justice and will only look disconnected to the reader

Have you sent your CV to the correct person?

Take nothing for granted. Always ensure you know who is handling the vacancy you’re applying for. Stop at nothing to contact them directly. Do your research and ensure you are directing your application at the right person. Anything else is a waste of your time and effort as they will never see your application. Ensure to call their office and ask for a direct email address. There is no harm in asking and nine times out of ten you will get it

Do you understand the role and do you fit the requirement ? 

Have you looked at the job spec and profile of the person they want to employ and have you used language and terminology that is in line with this. This ability to understand their branding will enable you to mirror what they are looking for in your CV and cover letter. If you are already speaking their language, they will want to hire you !

Have you written a cover letter?

It is not okay to submit a CV without formerly introducing yourself.  How you present yourself to potential employers is hugely important and a cover letter speaks volumes. If you are applying via email as most of you will then ensure you attach a cover letter or at a minimum include an introduction in the body of your email, detailing what you are about and why you are attracted to the role. This speaks volumes!


Let’s recap on what you need to address immediately

  • Get CV professionally written
  • Put together a strong cover letter
  • CV must be factually correct and must include my correct contact details
  • Ensure I send my details to the person responsible for the hiring process
  • Be contactable at all times
  • Ensure I have the necessary skills for the role and that I am speaking their language

If you have addressed the above six points you are well on your way to finding your next job. Over the coming weeks our expert CV writer will be here online with a series of blogs to help you create your most professional CV ever !

Lorraine will provide you with all the CV etiquette you need to know and before you know you’ll have a document that will scream “Hire me”!!


We hope you enjoyed this week’s insight and please feel free to comment below !