Don’t Apologise for Giving a Damn About Yourself.

“Don’t apologise for giving a damn about yourself” – This was the highlight for me at the event I spoke at last weekend. Presenting to and being among so many great women was thoroughly inspirational.

A presentation called  “YES YOU CAN” by myself  made the room stop and think that we can do what ever want if we set our minds to it but the majority of the time it is ourselves that block what we are trying to achieve. If we focus more on ourselves, our goals and dreams can become a reality.

As the iconic Maya Angelou once said we are here not merely to survive but to thrive

Why we don’t Thrive!

  • We don’t invest in ourselves.
  • We don’t Honour our self.
  • We don’t listen to our inner voice
  • We don’t listen to our bodies.

Self Full

One of the speakers coined the phrase “self full” . What many of us don’t realise is it’s essential to fill up your own cup and keep that cup full and to practice being self full

Below is a list of activities I do every week to look after myself.   

5 simple ways to invest in you

  1. Start keeping a journal : By keeping a journal or diary you can really measure what you are doing to invest in and care for you
  2. Exercise: A simple and brisk 30 minute walk every day is not only great for the mind but it is also the recommended amount of daily exercise
  3. Reach out or reconnect with your friends and family: Sometimes even popping to a friend or member of the family for a coffee and a chat can make the world of difference to your day
  4. Set weekly goals for yourself: These don’t have to be over stretched goals but something perhaps you have been thinking of for a while. Documenting them will enable you to see progress and keep on track
  5. Invest in you: Sign up for a course or to a club or an activity. Give yourself the gift of learning something new or being a part of something positive with likeminded people


Investing in you is essential and absolutely acceptable. Make that commitment today and start to see the benefits almost immediately

Let me know if you agree with the above. Got anything to add? Feel free to post your comments in the section below