My Top 10 Tips for CV Writing

Top 10 Tips for CV Writing.

Curriculum Vitae means the story of life and with that in mind it is so important to understand the value of putting together the best version of your work life in this document that you’ll send out to potential employers

This is why I stick to these top ten rules when creating your CV

Before we start typing and talking about templates we really need to consider the following points and when we are clear on how to deliver on each of them, we can get to formatting the CV that is best for you.

  1. Be honest: In my experience, no one ever sets out to be dishonest. In truth, they may embellish or inflate a role they had or perhaps change the title slightly in an effort to impress but over time and with each CV being updated the chances are the changes will be too great and the truth about the roles we have occupied can be compromised
  2. Include the right personal details A very basic but popular mistake. So often I receive CVs with an incorrect number or a digit missing. Try to ensure you have all of these details perfectly visible on your CV and they are up to date and it is also very important to include your name in the email address that you are using just in case the employer or recruiter needs to find your mail in a hurry
  3. Must be factually correct: Please ensure to get your dates right. It is so important. If you are struggling to figure them out go to old colleagues who may have worked with you or think about other events in your life that were happening during those years as they can help to give you clarity. Failing that get in touch with the company.
  4. Use the correct job titles Ensure you are using the right job titles as stated on your contract of employment. This is vitally important.
  5. No more than three pages:  It is important to be realistic about this. So often job seekers ask me if it can be in excess of 2 pages and the answer is yes. If you have a lot of experience then you need to put it down. After all your CV is a chronological account of your work history and if you have been working for 20 years with various employers you can’t squeeze it into a tiny space. Just be wise with formatting it and generally you can fit everything in quite easily and in a way that will appeal to the potential employer
  6. Give as much information as possible I am a real believer in transparency and letting an employer know all about you. When we include lots of details the reader or employer values this. They interpret this as being transparent and honest and will embrace this attitude
  7. Know what the employer wants This is vital to the success of your CV application. You can discover what an employer wants by looking more closely at the skills they are looking for and ensuring you have them included in your CV
  8. Convey the right message Sending out the right message is so important when creating your CV. It is easy to send the right message to an employer when your CV is grammatically correct, with no typos and very fluent language. It enables the reader or employer to see you are articulate and have given great attention to your CV. When you also include the right skills and values you are really impressing them and creating the message that you’re the right person for the job
  9. Use positive language Every CV should contain powerful and compelling language that enables the employer to feel the energy from your document. Through the use of these positive action words you are suggesting to the reader that you’re the right person for the job, you are an achiever , a worker and you can give commitment to the opportunity
  10. Create a great impression You only get one chance to create a first impression and this is where you really have to nail it .By combining all of the points I have touched in here you can create a CV that stands out from the rest and is second to none.

So why not dive in and get started on creating a winning CV !

If you would like to avail of my 10 RULES CHECKLIST Download it from the sidebar.

Wishing you a wonderful day!

Dale x

Dale Powell

Dale Powell

10 Rules CV Writing