I always tell people that getting a job is a job and with that in mind it’s really important to put in the effort and time the process requires

Even thinking about what needs to be done can be a daunting and in many cases we may not know where to start and for that reason I put together an action plan that will help you to make sense of it all in a step by step way

Overwhelm is one of the main reasons we don’t get to achieve our goals and create new opportunities. I completely understand how it may all seem too much when you are getting ready to return to work, relaunch your career or even transition into a new role

Little steps in the right direction gather traction and make positive change and so I have outlined 8 easy steps you can start to take and get the show on the road

Step by Step….

  1.  UPDATE YOUR CV AND ENSURE IT IS SUITABLE FOR THE ROLE TO WHICH YOU ARE APPLYING.An up to date CV says so many positive messages to an employer. It is will demonstrate you’re ready for action and you have put in the effort. With our step by step guide to CV writing we can help you to create a winning document but you can also contact an expert CV writer if funds allow it
  2. RESEARCH THE RECRUITMENT AGENCIES IN YOUR SECTOR. Recruitment agencies can be mines of information. Niche agencies know exactly what is happening in their sector and will have excellent connections. Ensure to build a rapport with a number of recruiters if you are using them. Don’t send your CV everywhere .Be selective and ensure the agency you are using knows the areas you’re applying to very well
  3. SET UP YOUR EMAIL ALERTS TO ENSURE YOU KNOW OF LIVE OPPORTUNITIES ON THE JOB BOARDS. Email alerts are a great way to keep on top of new opportunities as it can be difficult when trawling through the different job boards Ensure when setting up your email alerts that you create a different email specifically for your job search activity, Include your name in the email address and use this also when you are sending out CVs.
  4. RESEARCH COMPANIES IN THE SPACE WHERE YOU WISH TO WORK. It is very important to do some research on your own and to not depend entirely on recruitment agencies. This will enable you to get a good idea of the market, what it is paying, opportunities that are available and also to see how different employers advertised their employer brand.
  5. CLEARLY DEFINE POTENTIAL EMPLOYERS, WHETHER THROUGH AGENCIES OR ON YOUR OWN. Try to identify potential employers. Think of what attracts you to them. It might be salary but there might also be other elements of the business that attract you such as flexi hours, location etc. Get clear in your mind about who you want to work for and why. This is very important because throughout the process we can get distracted or even forget about the object of the exercise so if you are clear in your mind about what you want this should make the process simpler to manage.
  6. ENSURE YOUR LINKEDIN PROFILE IS UP TO DATE. LinkedIn is a professional networking site used by over 300 million people. It is a wonderful place to make career connections and it is important to create a captive profile here. If you are not already here or require help with creating your LinkedIn profile we have created a whole training module with plenty of video learning on this topic
  7. EXPLORE THE HIDDEN JOB MARKET The hidden job market can be home to lots of wonderful opportunities if explored correctly. It is exactly as it is described. People very often find out about opportunities through word of mouth or through networking at events. Very often a great elevator pitch will help you in this circumstance ( I have covered this in an earlier blog ) as it is important to be able to sell your skills and experience at a moment’s notice


When you are getting your action plan in place ensure to make a list of all the employers you want to work for .it doesn’t have to be anything fancy but the list should reflect exactly where you see yourself working

Next, allocate a certain amount of time every day to the task of finding a new job! This is vital to ensuring you are successful and start seeing results

It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our future , it’s what we do consistently

Tony Robbins

To help you on your journey we have created a job search action plan that you can download here or view in the side bar. And as a bonus we are also giving you one of our habit trackers to ensure you stick to your commitment daily

Happy job hunting

Dale x

Dale Powell

Dale Powell